Stresa cheese tasting tours - Lake Maggiore and Orta cheese tours

A real taste of an authentic lake Maggiore and Orta in Piedmont, discovering their culinary heritage

Cheese tasting in the hills of lake Orta at a traditional dairy farm

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Italy produces about 500 different cheeses.

Ossola Valley, the northenmost part of Piedmont, not far from Stresa, offers a fine selection of local cheeses coming from the alpine pastures: Ossolano, Tomino di Capra, Toma delle valli ossolani, Toma della Montagnina, Ricotta from Ossola, Grasso pian dul cricc and especially the Bettelmatt cheese. Also the pastures of Mount Mottarone, dividing lake Maggiore from lake Orta, give rise to good local cheeses: Nostrano and Toma del Mottarone.

The world-famous Gorgonzola cheese is made in the plain between lake Orta and Novara.

A good opportunity to learn more about the area you are visiting is a food tasting.

We will reach a dairy farm in the hills of lake Orta, at the foot of Mount Mottarone, in a beautiful natural setting, where you will be able to taste a selection of local cheese and yogurt made using milk from pasture-raised cows.

You may like to have a taste of Ossola's alpine cheeses, including the well-known Bettelmatt cheese.

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