Discover Ossola Valley in the Alps accompanied by a local Tour Guide

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Other interesting places to visit

    • the Sacred Mount Calvario in Domodossola, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

    • the lovely village of Mergozzo and its tiny lake

    • the old village of Vogogna and the castle

    • the Natural Park Veglia / Devero with a walking guide

    • Uriezzo gorges in Antigorio Valley with a walking guide

    • the Romanesque Church of St. Gaudenzio in Baceno


Famous quotes about Ossola Valley

and its beauties

"On arriving in Domo-Dossola, my mouth fell open in wonder;

... I could only see that paradise turning up in front of me,

its grassland embroidered with flowers...."

(by Duchess of Abrantès,

Historical Memories, 1831)

In 1852, the French writer Theophile Gautier described in his novel "Voyage en Italie" his arrival in Domodossola from Switzerland: " After seeing a certain elegance (of the people), we realized that we were no more in Switzerland".

Garden of the Alps. A land where natural and artistic hidden treasures compete for attention. The land of the Lepontii, where prehistoric man left his mark: this is Ossola Valley.

Ossola Valley corresponds to the northen end of Piedmont. It' s a land wedged between lake Maggiore and the German-speaking part of Switzerland dominated by majestic mountains whose tops are over 3 000 metres high. Queen of Ossola is Mount Rosa, the second highest mountain in western Europe, 15 200 feet high. Often referred to as "Garden of the Alps" owing to its unspoilt green areas such as Veglia / Devero Park, the upper part of Formazza Valley and the numerous alpine pastures, Ossola Valley offers several natural wonders. Chief town of Ossola is Domodossola, an attractive town dotted with historical buildings, which has an elevation of 268 metres. From there one can quickly reach higheraltitudes in the seven side valleys (Anzasca, Antrona, Bognanco, Divedro, Antigorio, Formazza and Vigezzo). In Formazza Valley are the spectacular Toce Falls that drop 143 metres, considered by many to be the most beautiful and impressive in Europe. In the 15th century there was a big rivalry between Ossola and the near Wallis canton. The Helvetians intended to conquer Ossola that was actually invaded several times. Finally, in 1487 the big and decisive battle of Crevola took place near Domodossola and on that occasion the Helvetians were badly defeated.

During World War II the partisans' battles led to the establishment of a temporary partisan governement, known as "The Free Republic of Ossola", the most important in Italy at that time (1944), officially recognized by the Allies. Another unfortunate, tragic event occurred in Domodossola on 23rd September 1910: Geo Chavez was the first aviator who flew over the Alps. He flew a Blériot XI monoplane and his trans-Alpine flight over the Simplon Pass was successful but his plane crashed upon landing on a field near the town of Domodossola and Chavez died four days later.

" A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

- Laozi (Lao-Tseu) Chinese filosopher


Witches Lake, Crampiolo - Devero Alp - Natural Park Veglia / Devero (Ossola Valley, Piedmont, Italy)


Villages in Ossola Valley Piazza Mercato, Domodossola (the old town)