URIEZZO GORGES - Stresa Hiking Tours with a Guide.

Discover Ossola's natural, artistic and architectural treasures - Italian Lake District

Fascinating guided walks through geologic time in the Alps with a walking-naturalist guide

Visit to the Romanesque Church of San Gaudenzio in Baceno and medieval village of Oira

An easy day-trip from Stresa and lake Maggiore with chance to enjoy a wine tasting

Taking place in a rural area this walking tour is led - for your safety - by a licensed walking-naturalist guide (who is also a licensed local tour guide!)

Natural marvels in Antigorio Valley - Alps - Italian Lakes. A Guided Walk through geologic time. Visit to the church of San Gaudenzio at Baceno and medieval Canova.

In the beautiful scenery of Antigorio Valley, embraced by the Lepontine Alps of Ossola, just a short drive from Stresa and lake Maggiore, are the impressive Orridi - Uriezzo Gorges. To understand the origin of these gorges we have to step back in time tens of thousands of years into the last ice age when the whole area - like the rest of Ossola valley and lake Maggiore - was covered by the large glacier of Toce. This huge glacial tongue was more than one km thick and it stretched to the plain. Only the highest peaks of the Alps emerged above it. With the glacial retreat that took place over thousands of years with occasional short-lived advances the Uriezzo gorges came to light as a result of long-time erosion due to a river that ran under the ice. Carving through hard layers of rock, the river thus excavated the gorges.

At the end of the last glacial stage (known as the Würm glaciation) the river changed its flow direction and that's the reason why nowadays it is possible to walk through the small canyon. In this area we can find and see the oldest rocks in the Alps!! The southern gorge - the most spectacular one - is 200 metres long and 20/30 metres deep. The northeastern and the western gorges can also be visited. There are three access points to the gorges: from Premia, from Baceno and from Verampio.


We meet at your hotel lobby or at a different spot in Ossola valley and drive towards the village of Baceno where we start our walk following an ancient mule track that starts in the village and enables us to reach the hamlet of Verampio. There we visit all the gorges, walking though different levels and learning about the different types of rocks, local flora and fauna, old customs and traditions, myths and legends of the Italian Alps surrounding Ossola Valley. Once back in Baceno we will have a look at the extraordinary church of San Gaudenzio, a national monument erected in the 13th century decorated with superb frescoes before we drive towards the village of Oira where we discover the medieval hamlet of Canova, beautifully preserving and revitalizing the traditional rural architecture. It's possible to arrange a wine tasting of some local wines produced in the valley such as Cà d' Maté, Prunent, Tarlàp, Ossolanum at a local wine cellar.

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  • This itinerary is NOT SUITABLE for people with walking difficulties

  • This is an easy guided walking tour

  • This tour is suitable for small groups, couples, families with children

  • This is a sample itinerary for a full-day trip, but the tour can be arranged in a different way, tailored to your interests

  • Walking shoes are recommended

  • A packed lunch is ideal but a meal or a snack are available at local venues

  • A means of transport can be arranged if you don't have one

"We learn geology the day after the earthquake" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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