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Stresa Hiking Guide for Walking Tours in the Italian Lake District. Guided walks on lake Maggiore, lake Orta and Ossola Valley. Off-the-beaten-path itineraries to get a real taste of the Italian Lakes

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Here are some unusual half-day and full-day guided walking tours.

Not only are they walking itineraries (easy walks) but they're also off-the-beaten-track destinations.


The first walking tour starts in Ossola valley that can easily be reached from Stresa and lake Maggiore

Uriezzo Gorges with a Walking Guide. Natural marvels in Antigorio Valley. A Guided Walk through geologic time


The second walking tour starts from the village of Orta San Giulio

Lake Orta Walking Tours

The third walking tour takes place in the Italian Alps, Alpe Devero, a beautiful protected area near lake Maggiore

Alpe Devero Park - Lepontine Alps - a hidden gem near lake Maggiore. Natural treasures and breathtaking views


The fourth walking itinerary touches the town of Domodossola and its Sacred Mount which is a Unesco Heritage Site.

Domodossola can easily be reached from Stresa, lake Maggiore and Orta by train, by coach and by car.

(It's just half an hour's journey) 

Guided Walking Tours near Stresa and lake Maggiore


More one-day walking itineraries led by a walking guide coming soon:

- Devero Alp - a natural wonder - and the Witches Lake (Ossola Valley)

- Mount Mottarone and Alpino

- Montorfano and the Cadorna military line (military archaelogy in Italy)near Stresa and lake Maggiore

- Visit to a marble quarry where the famous Candoglia marble of Milan's cathedral was extracted

- Easy walks in the mountains and hills of lake Maggiore

- Easy guided walks in the villages and hills of lake Orta

- The nature reserve of Fondotoce on lake Maggiore (a big protected reed-thicket, an important bird nesting  area)