Discover Lake Orta: the Sacro Monte of Orta - Sacred Mount of Saint Francis of Assisi. Guided Tours with a local private guide

" The journey is never over. Only travellers come to an end" - José Saramago

Guided Tours in a Unesco heritage site for groups, families, couples, individuals with an English-speaking tour guide

Half-day sightseeing tours together with the village of Orta

Full-day guided tours together with the medieval village of Orta and San Giulio's island

Lake Orta is an easy half-day trip from Stresa and from Lake Maggiore

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Visiting the Sacro Monte is like walking back in time. This devotion route is located on top of the promontory of Orta. The twenty chapels that represent important moments of Saint Francis's life were carefully laid out in such a natural and evocative setting, between the end of the 16th century and the end of the 18th century, for the specific purpose of teaching religion. Each chapel is decorated with frescoes and painted terracotta statues (376 statues altogether) that were made by accomplished artists (Dionigi Bussola, Cristoforo Prestinari, Morazzone, Francesco and Giuseppe Nuvolone, Fiamminghini...). Among the distinguished visitors to the Sacred Mount, was Friedrich Nietzsche who, in 1882, spent a romantic afternoon there with the young Lou Salomé. At the very top of the hill is a church dedicated to St. Nicolao and St. Francis as well as the Capuchin Friary. The Sacro Monte of St. Francis is a Unesco World Heritage Site.


You can choose to have a morning or afternoon guided tour. We will meet in Orta or at your hotel.

We will walk up to the Holy Mount Sacro Monte of St. Francis or catch the little tourist train. We will walk around the Sacro Monte to see the painted chapels. We will then walk down to the lake or take the tourist train and we will stroll around the village of Orta San Giulio for a guided tour through the narrow lanes and the ancient buildings.


In the morning we meet in Orta or at your hotel. We get to the Sacred Mount on foot or take the tourist train. Guided tour of the Sacro Monte.

We reach the village. Guided tour of the village. Free time for your lunch. In the afternoon we reach the isle by boat. Guided tour of the island. Return to the village by boat.


  • Lake Orta is an easy half-day trip or day-tour from Stresa and from lake Maggiore. If you do not have a private vehicle at your disposal, a taxi ride for 1 to 8 passengers or more can be pre-booked. Visit the following website:

  • The half-day itinerary can be combined with: - a half-day itinerary on lake Maggiore - the wine tasting (please see Novara wine cellars )

  • The walk to the Sacro Monte is uphill and takes approx. 15 minutes

  • If you do not wish to walk, a taxi ride / shuttle service can be booked and pre-booked also for groups