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Half-day guided tours together with the isle of San Giulio

Full-day guided tours together with the isle of San Giulio and the Sacred Mount

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This charming village lies at the foot of a promontory at the southern end of lake Orta. It's a picturesque village brimming with ancient houses and beautiful villas and with the romantic flavour of narrow cobblestone lanes studded with cafés, little shops and beautiful wrought iron balconies. The main square, Piazza Motta, is the perfect place to stop for a cup of coffee, facing the lake and admiring the isle of St. Julius. From the square the chance to go the island by boat. In Motta square is The Palazzotto, a wonderfully decorated building that was built in 1582. Near the Palazzotto is the path that leads to the parish church dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and further up to the Sacro Monte of Saint Francis. The village's beauty is enhanced by graceful old houses decorated with frescoes and by nice little churches. The village is pretty much traffic-free and is accessible on foot along a lovely promenade by the lake; otherwise there is the opportunity to take a little tourist train running between the parking area and the main square.


In the morning or in the afternoon we meet in Orta

(or I meet you at your hotel lobby). Guided tour of the village strolling through ancient buildings and medieval alleys.

Transfer by boat to the isle of San Giulio.

Visit to the island and guided tour of the remarkable Romanesque Basilica. Return to the village.


In the morning we meet in Orta (or I meet you at your hotel). Guided tour of the village where we get on foot or by train. Transfer by boat to the island of St. Julius. Guided tour of the Romanesque Basilica and visit to the island. Return to the village. Free time for your lunch.

In the afternoon we walk up to the Sacred Mount or catch the tourist train.Guided tour around the Sacred Mount. Return to the parking area on foot or on the touristic train.


  • The half-day itinerary could be combined with:

  • - a half-day itinerary on lake Maggiore - the wine tasting (for further information please refer to the following link:Novara Hills' wine cellars)

  • There's a fifteen-minute walk from the parking area to the village centre

  • There's a charge for the tourist train

  • If you wish to take the little tourist train of Orta and you are a group, booking is recommended

  • If you are a group and wish to have lunch together, you can arrange a fixed menu for a group lunch in advance (tailored to your taste and budget)

  • Guided tours of lake Orta are suitable for groups, small parties, families and couples

  • If you are not based on lake Orta, transportation from Stresa and lake Maggiore can easily be arranged


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Orta, Italy