Stresa Lake Maggiore Orta Culinary Tours. Rice Tours, wine tasting, visit to a rice field - farm

Novara, land of wine and rice.

Rice tours in Piedmont to discover an authentic Italy. Unusual guided tours from Stresa, lake Maggiore and lake Orta. It's possible to combine this tour with a wine tasting or cooking class.


Italy is an important rice producer. Near lake Orta and lake Maggiore, in the fields of Novara, Vercelli and Pavia, 80% of the Italian rice is produced. Novara's rice fields represent Europe's northernmost rice plantations.

We will enjoy a walk through local rice fields in a beautiful and unique natural setting, with the Alps and Mount Rosa on one side, learning about rice growing and irrigation system. We will then visit a rice farm where you will be able to learn about the whole production process and you will discover how rice varieties are created. You will learn about the traditional dishes such as Paniscia, Rustida, Fideghina, frog's legs risotto. Curious to know that the Venus black rice, also known as the Emperor's rice, was created here!


In the morning or in the afternoon I will meet you in your hotel lobby on lake Maggiore or lake Orta. Departure by car or by bus. Walk through the rice fields and visit to a rice farm where a local rice farmer will tell you about the history of rice in Italy, particularly in the area of Novara and Vercelli, corresponding to this corner of Piedmont.

You will discover how many varieties of rice are grown in the area and what an important habitat the flooded rice fields are for many species.


  • At the end of the tour you can have lunch in a local restaurant tasting a traditional risotto dish accompanied by a top local wine!

  • If you wish to spend a full day immersed in local culinary traditions you can enjoy an afternoon wine tour. For further information please click on the following link: WINE CELLARS IN THE HILLS OF NOVARA