About Micaela, a lake Maggiore Orta Stresa local tour guide

I'm a private local qualified tour guide for lake Maggiore, Borromean Islands and lake Orta - Italy - with a passion for my job.   

Micaela  guidalaghi@virgilio.it    cell phone +39 3474418679

"You can't see the whole sky through a bamboo tube"         - Japanese proverb

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Let yourselves be guided around a unique region by a local, expert and friendly guide.

I'm Micaela, a professional Stresa Tour Guide. I qualified as an Official Licensed Guide after extensive studies and examinations, specialising in the area of Lake Maggiore, Lake Orta and Ossola Valley (the so-called Italian Lake District, Distretto dei Laghi), which is part of the Italian Lakes. I am registered with the Provincia of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola and the Provincia of Novara ( Verbania and Novara district) in Piedmont region.

Besides I am a Licensed Tour Manager and Licensed Hiking Guide / Naturalist Guide.

Competence, long experience and a thorough knowledge of the region for a successful guided tour!

My studies include art, history, botany and geology.

Besides, as a native, I will be able to tell you about curiosities, old customs and traditions, wine and food, as well as weird news you wouldn't find in books! And you will discover hidden corners unknown to most tourists.

Boat tours, walking tours, cultural tours....

My rich and varied experience includes groups, families, tour operators, incoming agencies and travel companies, cultural groups, private individuals, business travellers, VIPs.

I created this website trying to offer and describe as many itineraries as possible, thanks to the beauty of the area. I inserted several photos (all personally taken by me) to let you appreciate - hopefully - the Italian Lake District's many charms before you come here and see for yourselves!


Because according to Italian law, a licensed local guide is the only person allowed to accompany and guide to places of historical and cultural interest, providing information with specific reference to a chosen area ( in my case it is the area of my qualification). A certified tourist guide is required to undertake a selection test and must pass an exam set by the Provincia or Region that leads to a qualification attesting to his/her in-depth knowledge and abilities and to his/her suitability to practise the profession in an area that is nowadays the whole of Italy according to recent regulations ( it was a limited area, the one where I am still offering my tours, when I got my license). Certified tour guides must wear an identification badge issued by the province/district also indicating the foreign languages spoken.

Tour managers and tour leaders can accompany tourists throughout a country and abroad providing information, commentary, assistance but they cannot guide to places of historical and cultural interest, where a local tour guide is required.

Walking-hiking guides also known as naturalist guides and mountain leaders accompany tourists and travellers to (protected) natural areas, through hills and mountains as well as through high-altitude sceneries in the Alps for one or multi-day hikes, trekks and guided walks. 

Ensure your Tour Guide is registered!

How to recognize a licensed tour guide?

Professional Tour Guides have a registration number given by the District (Provincia).

Official Tour Guides working as freelancers and offering guided tours must have a VAT number (P. IVA)

For more details on my professional licenses, please click on  CONTACT 

A guided tour can add something special to your visit!

Arrange and book your private tour of Lake Maggiore, Lake Orta and Borromean islands directly with a qualified local guide!

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