The Castle of Angera (Rocca) and the Dolls Museum - Guided Tours

"Every perfect traveler always creates the country where he travels" - Nikos Kazantzakis

A half-day trip to the Castle of Angera on Lake Maggiore. Personal Guided Tours and Group Tours escorted by a local guide.

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The Castle of Angera is also known as the Rocca (fortress) Borromea, as it is still owned by the Borromeo family. The building was originally a fortress that was built in the Middle Ages when it was used as a watch tower. The fortress was bought by the Borromeo family in the middle of the 15th century and it was slowly transformed into a castle. The most important room in the castle is "La Sala della Giustizia" (the Hall of Justice) whose walls are painted with a fresco cycle illustrating the victory of Otto Visconti over his enemy Napo Torriani in 1277. In 1988 a nice museum was opened inside: the Dolls Museum which consists of a collection of over one thousand dolls. The evolution of dolls and children's toys through time is shown and the dolls exhibited range from wooden dolls to papier-mache, porcelain and biscuit dolls. There is a separate collection that includes dolls from all over the world.


In the morning or in the afternoon we get to Angera, on the eastern shore of lake Maggiore, by car, coach or boat. Tour of the castle where we visit the rooms open to the public, especially the nice Hall of Justice, and the section dedicated to the Dolls Museum.


This half-day itinerary can be combined with:

- the visit to Arona, that lies just opposite Angera. Please see Arona

- the wine or cheese tasting. Please see:

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