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Borromean islands private guided tours: small parties, group tours, individuals, couples. Half-day or full-day guided tours of two or three Borromeo islands. Accompanied by an experienced Lake Maggiore English - speaking private tour guide. Discover some good reasons why you should choose me:

Authentic Stresa Tours with a true local guide!

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes"

- Marcel Proust quote

Isola Bella from mainland



The must-do tour from Stresa is to the islands in the Borromeo Gulf. Isola Bella and Isola Madre are known as the Borromean Islands because they were bought by the aristocratic Borromeo family and they still belong to their descendants. Fishermen's Island is part of Stresa.

The Amphitheatre, isola Bella


The incomparable beauty of this island is something unique in the world. Most of Isola Bella is occupied by the sumptuous Baroque palace and by the spectacular formal gardens that were created in the 17th century. In the palace are many richly decorated rooms that house Flemish tapestries, fine period furniture, Murano glass chandeliers and remarkable paintings. The stunning Grottoes, beautifully decorated with pebbles and volcanic stones, are not to be missed!

The Borromeo Palace, isola Bella


A visit to the peaceful Isola Madre where one can appreciate rare and exotic plants among peacocks and pheasants as well as the important collection of camellias, rhododendrons and azaleas, is something really pleasant. On the island, which was the first one to be bought by the Borromeo family in 1501, there is a Renaissance villa that was used in past centuries as the family's country house.There, amidst portraits and furnishings, the visitor finds some nice rooms dedicated to the puppet theatre. The island's English garden, that replaced the previous olive tree grove, orchard and rosegarden, was established in the 19th century and is definitely well-maintained.

The beauty of isola Bella



The Upper Island better known as "The Fishermens' Island" because of the main activity of its inhabitants in the past, is an ideal spot to stop and enjoy a typical meal in the old fishermens' village. Nice old houses, cosy restaurants and a pretty little church to visit that was built in the 17th century on the site of a former medieval church whose original apse is still evident. The old-fashioned village of this small island is inhabited all the year round by local families.

The Gardens, Isola Bella "Beautiful Island"


Isola Bella and Fishermen's Island with a local guide

In the morning or in the afternoon we meet at your hotel or at the landing stage in Stresa, Baveno, or Verbania. Transfer by boat to Isola Bella. Guided tour of the Baroque Palace and Gardens. Time to see the little village. Transfer to the Fishermen's Island. Visit to the village and to its church.


The Borromean Islands sightseeing with a local guide

In the morning we meet at the landing stage or at your hotel. Transfer by boat to Isola Bella. Guided tour of the Borromeo Baroque Palace and Gardens. Transfer to the Fishermen's island. Visit to the village and to the church. Free time for your lunch. In the afternoon transfer to Isola Madre. Visit to the English Gardens and to the Renaissance Palace. Transfer by boat to departure landing stage.


  • The palaces and gardens on the Borromeo Islands -Isola Bella and Isola Madre - are privately owned

  • The palaces and gardens on Isola Bella and Madre will be open from mid March to 1th November 2022

  • If you choose a morning guided tour you may decide to stay on the Fishermen's island for your lunch and go back later to the departure landing stage

  • Instead of the Fishermen's Island, the second island of the half-day guided tour could be Isola Madre

  • These are private tours of Borromean islands: for small parties, ready-made groups, individuals, couples

  • If you are a group and wish to have lunch together, you can arrange a fixed menu for a group lunch in advance (tailored to your taste and budget)

  • If you are interested only in Isola Bella's palace and gardens refer to Isola Bella Palace Tours

The baroque palace on isola Bella

The gardens, isola Madre

The gardens, isola Bella

The Renaissance Palace, isola Madre