"A journey is a feeling, not just a fact"                  - Mario Soldati

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ITALIAN LAKES - Lake Orta Lake Maggiore Group Tours & Private Tours

Itineraries, trips, excursions, sightseeing and guided tours around lake Maggiore, lake Orta, Borromean islands and Ossola Valley. All tours are customized for you and your group. Unique tours arranged by an experienced guide who knows the area as only true locals do to assure you an authentic experience!

The guided tours can be:

Additional services:


There are tours to suit all interests. Many itineraries can be combined together or parts of an itinerary can often be inserted into another one. Each trip can be especially designed, depending on the time you have at your disposal and according to your needs and interests. As to one-day tours, lunch can be at your choice of local venue or it can be arranged in advance. For itineraries that require a car or a bus, transportation can be arranged upon request.

Please do contact me  to arrange your visit and for further information such as:

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